This is Mr. Aleister Crowley. The jinn that appeared to him and dictated this book to him is named Aiwass. Mr. Crowley says he introduced himself as Aiwass to me. He says the devil sent Aiwass to me to send his revelation to me through him and I wrote down his dictation on the eighth, ninth, and tenth of April, in 1904; i. e, one hundred and seven years ago. This Mr. Aleister Crowley is a very strange and influential person in the history of the world. This man has said something weird hand strange. Notice what he says, he says that he has participated Babalon jinn, the lady in red, who is one of the mysteries of Freemasonry, with his semen, in the womb of dozens of women.



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ع تورزیارتی نور (ثبت نام تورهای کربلا حج عمره وتمتع و مشهد مقدس (تحت نظارت سازمان حج وزیارت(لباس احرام حج ساک ....موجود است Knowing Islam houes of horror1 طراحی بنر تبلیغاتی دبستان هیئت امنایی باجغلی ورزشیها مرجع کنکور ایران چهارشنبه لایه نشانی به روش کندوپاش| اسپاترینگ رومیزی